Zoe Instructor Piano and French, Director

Instructor Piano and French, Mme Zoé was raised by a Flemish mother and a Swiss father in the French-speaking region of Belgium, named Wallonia.  Her first words were in Flemish.  At 2 years old, she switched to French when she started school.  Mme Zoé played piano the first time 5 years later at age 7.

Mme Zoé and Isabella work out music theory at French & Music House

Mme Zoé observes Isabella as she completes an activity for the music theory portion of her piano lesson


Upon completion of secondary school, Mme Zoé attended Haute Ecole Roi Baudouin to study modern languages, specifically English, Dutch and German.  She was hired at a major, international pharmaceutical company to work Quality Assurance and Compliance in the BENELUX (Belgium/The Netherlands/Luxembourg) Region.

She translated documents and trained employees in round-robin French, English and Dutch.  Here she honed her technical and colloquial English.

“Dear Zoe, Last Sunday after the piano lesson…He wanted to play the song that he learned that day as soon as he got home…I am very happy to see his positive attitude and I just want to thank you for making him so positive in a day. Have a wonderful day.” -H.S.

Mme Zoé earned her reputation, on two continents, as a meticulous French editor.  She parlayed this skill upon arrival in the US and is the official French translator to two Kansas City companies with client bases in French-speaking areas.


Zoé studied classical piano in Belgium for 15 years, performing in many recitals and public appearances.  Piano is her life-long passion and she is excited to pass on her knowledge to her students.