Private Music lessons and Private/Group French lessons

Nabil and Tanner practicing piano at French & Music House

Practicing a tune at French & Music House

Private Music lessons and French lessons and music lessons are held at French & Music House (FMH) in Westport.

Lessons last 30 minutes (this is the usual time for Music & Language Lessons).  We can also adjust the duration as needed and space available.  Please inquire with FMH for more details.  At-home lessons are possible, though each lesson will be charged at a higher rate.

We offer:

If you are interested in another method, please let us know.  We will do our best to accommodate you or your child.

Lesson times do not include practice time.  Please check FMH Student Policies for more details on practice times, missed lessons and other particulars.

Dear Mme Zoé, thank you for teaching me piano. I might grow up like David Bowie – Peyton B.

Zoe teaching theory

Working on music theory at French & Music House

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