Our Story

French & Music House is a music and language school located in the Westport area of Kansas City, Missouri.  More specifically, they are in the “Nutterville” section of Westport, a collection of beautifully colored homes and businesses just off Broadway and Westport Road.

The heart & soul of French & Music House is Director and lead instructor, Mme Zoé Hommertzheim.  Her husband, Darren, works as her diligent assistant and office supply/services “go-fer”.

Mme Zoé and Darren met in early 2008 in Lessines, Belgium, where she worked at a major pharmaceutical company.  Zoé worked in the BENELUX Region (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg).  She honed the English (and Dutch!) skills she learned at Haute Ecole Roi Baudouin in Brussels.

Darren was an intern at this company, a part of his Master of Business Administration/Master of International Management degree through University of Kansas and ESC Clermont Ferrand in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Thanks again. It has been such a pleasure to work with you guys… I’m so glad we are getting lessons through French & Music House!” – Lisa Ann B.

After a “Skype” courtship, Zoé moved to Kansas City in March 2010. In July 2010, Zoé took a position in administration at Academie Lafayette, and soon started giving piano lessons (in French, of course) to AL students at the family home in Brookside.  In fact, the French & Music House logo is a mocked-up version of the classic tutor homes in the old Kansas City neighborhood.

Some of the first students at French & Music House at the original location in Brookside, Fall 2013

Some of our first students at the original location in Brookside, 2013

By July 2011, Zoé was giving lessons full time (and soon to welcome a new addition to the family, Jack) and by January 2014 French & Music House was on the hunt for a space to house a growing studio.  That is when “Woody”, the location in Westport, made its appearance.

After nearly 3 fantastic years at that location, French & Music teamed with our successor in Westport, Language & Music House and moved nearby to 4100 Central Street, known as “The Sunrise House”.

4100 Central Street, home of Language & Music House and French & Music House. Affectionately known as “The Sunrise House”

During this change, French & Music House and Language & Music House added more instructors, more instruments and more French classes.  What started as 6 students in a home studio is now one of Kansas City’s fastest growing studios and lesson-based schools.

Language & Music House and French & Music House are also on the lookout for the best KC talent, to ensure all interested students can enjoy their favorite cultural learning experience.  The instructors bring passion for their art and the desire to pass it on to eager students.

Folks pursue language and music lessons for reasons varied as the media. French & Music House wants to connect those who love to teach with those who love to learn.

If you are a student or instructor interested in Language & Music House or French & Music House, drop a line.  A bientot!