Music Theory Class

Music Theory Class

Why Theory? This is just one more class for my child to go to. I know this is one of the many thoughts going through you, the parents head right now. Isn’t the 30 minute lesson enough time each week to teach everything my child needs to know?  This depends on how quickly the child wishes to progress

Having a separate class time to work on the Theory and Ear Training portions of music allows the teacher much more freedom in their lesson to work on solo literature, technique, and sight reading. Having a firm foundation of theory helps the student identify and learn their solo pieces much quicker, it assists in memorization, and opens up a new world of improvisation and composition which require a strong knowledge of music theory.

This class will be treated as a group lesson using games and activity pages to learn and review class material. Students will also find ways to connect what they are learning in the theory class to the pieces they are learning in their private lessons. This will accelerate their learning and provide an opportunity for all learning styles to excel.

Instructor: Emily


Theory Course Description

  • 15 weeks/ 30-45 min class on Saturday morning or evening.
  • Faber Primer Class
    • Book: Animato
  • Faber Level 1 Class
    • Book: Spirto
  • Faber Level 2-3
    • Book: Con Moto