Maman et Moi (Mommy and Me) French Class

Maman et Moi is the French language class for moms and kids to learn the basics of French together and in a group.  Maman et Moi translates to “Mommy and Me”, but it is for daddy, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles…This class is taught by Zoé and her assistant Mssr. Leon.

Children reading a story at Maman et Moi

Children reading a story at Maman et Moi

We know that interacting with others is the best way to learn a language, and working with someone you’re close to is best for both.  Maman et Moi creates a great learning environment, a group of dedicated adults and a comfortable, bonding experience for the child.

Everyone learns better when they are engaged, and most importantly, having fun with those you love best.


We designed this course for 2 main purposes:

1. Parents telling us that they wish they could learn French but have their little ones with them all the time.
2. Parents telling us they wish there was some kind of French instruction for young children.

“What makes your music house so special is the love and sense of community you’re giving our children They are not just learning piano (or chess or voice…) they are learning these things from a place of kindness.” – Maggie U.

The course is 45 minutes per week. It is taught by the Director, Lead Instructor and indispensable Mme Zoé and covers:

  • Counting
  • Colors
  • Songs
  • Weather
  • Days of the Week/Months
  • Greetings
  • Feelings and Moods
  • Introductions
  • Many other introductory words and phrases

And as a special treat, Mme Zoé will introduce Léon the French Puppet.

Have questions?  Here is our FAQ page or you can Contact Us.  Ready to pre-enroll and reserve your spot?  Click here.