Jodi Brown, Art Instructor at French & Music

Jodi Brown, Art Instructor at French & Music has had the privilege to practice the art of creating learning opportunities in an environment that engages childhood imagination through the French language for over 10 years. As a specialist, she has the daily pleasure to witness imaginations grow and often flourish into the creative skills of young teens.

Jodi Brown, Art instructor at French & Music Summer Camps

Jodi Brown, Art instructor at French & Music Summer Camps

The classroom has become her studio as well as a vital resource to a rapidly changing world and a diversity of cultures, internationally and locally. Both language and art can be powerful agents for social change and reform. Ms. Brown finds it both rewarding and exciting to be part of the process of becoming and teaching others to become a global citizen through the charter school movement.

“Through my personal immersion experience as a student in Quebec, Canada and recognizing that children best engage with art in the context of culture and community, I have come to believe that close observation of our immediate surroundings is an asset to more effective communication and expression in the world at large. To that end, I am passionate about using the foundations and unique challenges of art and language as a tool to help foster relationships between our youth and the neighborhoods and city they call home.”

Mme Brown has a B.A. in Fine Arts, Minor in Art History, B.A. in French Language and Literature, and a B.A. in Education as an Art and French Specialist from the University of Missouri Kansas City.

She has collaborated with the Nelson Atkins-Museum of Art and Cultivate Kansas City in the creation of tour guides, practices Yoga, the Japanese art of Ikebana, darkroom photography and tries to visit as many museums and galleries as possible.