Introduction to Music at French & Music House

Introduction to Music with Aurélien is geared towards younger children (4-6yo).  The class meet once a week for 45 minutes.  This class is a perfect introduction for any future instrumental lessons. No experience necessary.

Children learn the basics of singing in a group through games and activities.  Emphasis on:

  • Aural skills
  • Pitch recognition
  • Sol-fa hand signs
  • Basic musical vocabulary
  • Exploration of the difference between speaking and singing voices through vocal play
  • Story telling
  • Movement
  • Sharing and communication.


Examples of some of our activities:

Rhytmical exercises: 

Students clap in their hands or on different instruments on songs, piano music and singing; by Imitation.

Pitch recognition:

Sol-Fa exercises: Students sing basic triads notes (so-mi-la and do) by imitation.  Use of metalophones


Students sing simple songs and memeorize them.


Students walk/skip on different songs. Follow beat and rhythms