Group French for Adult Beginners

Group French for Adult Beginners is one of our fastest growing offerings at French & Music House.  For all those who are too intimidated to start, or miss the really great interaction that makes learning a language fun.

Our Group classes meet once per week.  As a base method, Zoé uses Alter Ego, a method distributed by Hachette; we start with Level 1 and work our way through the next levels.

She also uses interactive exercises in learning on a white board, assigns homework and a few more fun activities such as using French language movies to ask questions of her students.

Zoé focuses on proper pronunciation, conjugation and grammar to start.  The combination of memorizing patterns, doing written exercises and reading ongoing stories in a group is the best way to learn and practice.

Groups also make for great support during the more difficult lessons!

Click if you are interested to learn more, or are ready to start with a group!