French & Music House Student Policies

Most music and language lessons are held at French & Music House (FMH) in Westport.

Typical Music and Language Lessons last 30 – 90 minutes per session.  We can also adjust the duration as needed.  Please inquire with FMH for more details.  At-home lessons are possible, though each lesson will be charged as 2 lessons.


  • “Student” refers to the individual taking the lesson (in the case of a minor, the Parent/Guardian agrees in the student’s stead).  Where the student is a legal minor, the Parent/Guardian will accept and agree to  all policies, terms and conditions contained below on behalf of the student.
  • “Instructor(s)” refers to the representative of French & Music House performing instruction/teaching duties
  • “Defined Duration” courses are those that have a finite period of instruction.  Any course not designated defined duration are open ended agreements with no defined end date
  • Below, French & Music House and the instructors teaching at French & Music House are referred to as “FMH”


At-Home Lessons

At-home lessons are available through FMH, in limited situations.  We encourage all students to join us at our studio or other available location at which FMH teaches

At-Home lessons will include additional fees not included with lessons at a FMH locations.  Please inquire at

Books (Lesson/Theory)

Practice books (Lesson and Theory) are essential to language and music lessons. They are the basis for instruction and the best way to mark progress. Each student’s books are unique to them and the responsibility of the student

If the student does not have the proper books at lesson time, the lesson will be cancelled and will be not be eligible for make-up/rescheduling/reimbursement.

FMH will choose the books/method best suited for the student, unless student/parent has a preference (limited to instructor approval). FMH can supply books to new students (with reimbursement added to next invoice) or student can purchase the book independently.

Cancelling Lessons/Restarting Lessons (Student or Instructor)

Note: Policy for missed lessons is below under “Missed/Make-up Lessons”

FMH appreciates notification about cancelled lessons 24 hours prior to the lesson. FMH does not reschedule/make-up/refund lessons outside our “Missed/Make-up Lessons” policy.

If the instructor cancels they must give at least 24 hours notice so we can find a substitute instructor. If the Instructor does not give 24 hours notice and after cancellation FMH cannot find a substitute, we will reschedule the lesson.

  • Any Student who cancels lessons permanently must wait until the next Lesson Year to re-enroll in any FMH lessons, if they wish to avoid additional charges
  • If a Student cancels lessons and wishes to restart within the same lesson year, they will be charged for the time (at normal rate for previously assigned lessons) from the date of cancellation (end of 4-week period) to their restart date. This is applies to restarting lessons on a different time/day
  • Cancellations must give at least two weeks notice.  Cancelled lessons without notice will cause a two-week (14 total days) charge to be included in the final bill.
  • If a student cancels lessons before the end of a pay period, the remaining payments will not be refunded

Refunds are not available on previously paid money.

(Note: These conditions may not apply to defined duration courses.)

Communications from French & Music House

FMH preferred method of communication is by email messages through our Student Account Software. FMH will use the email address submitted on the digital Enrollment Form that is submitted by the client prior to start of lessons.

FMH may also use text messaging, using the cellular phone number provided on the Enrollment Form and mass messaging will be posted at Student Account Software.

Periodically, FMH will send out announcements, newsletters, and reminders, etc. (in addition to invoicing). If you have a preferred method of communication other than email, please notify FMH and we will do our best to accommodate.

Dangerous Weather

Dangerous weather will be cause to cancel a lesson. If this occurs, the canceled lesson can be rescheduled at a later date.

On potential bad weather days, FMH will always contact that day’s students by phone and email. FMH will make every attempt to call the day before if bad weather is forecasted.


Enrollment in FMH will take place prior to start of lessons. Lessons cannot be scheduled until Enrollment is complete.

Enrollment is completed at
All information will remain private to FMH administration, except (if applicable):

  • Student Name
  • Parent Name
  • Parent Email
  • Parent Mobile Phone
  • Student Attendance/Notes
  • Student Practice Log
  • Student Repertoire
  • Other teachers student is working with at FMH

Group Lessons

For any group lesson subject to discounted prices as compared to private session lessons, FMH reserves the right to raise the price per lesson/per student upon cancellation of lessons by a member(s) of the group taking price-reduced lessons. Prices will not be raised above private lesson rate.

Instructor Status

It is expressly understood that the student retains the services of the instructor or FMH as a contractor and not as an employee. The instructor or FMH will be responsible for his/her insurance and all statutory declarations and contributions with regard to income tax.

Instruments (Piano, Violin, Guitar, etc.)

Musical Instruments at home are necessary for proper practice and therefore advancing in skill level.

Parents and Students agree to have the proper, functional instrument in proper working condition at times while taking lessons.

At-home pianos and keyboards must be standard 88 keys, and electronic keyboards should be set at standard height (71.5 cm) and the seat (48.25 cm). For electronic keyboards, it is preferred that the keys are weighted to simulate a piano keyboard.

For violin rentals, we refer students to KC Strings in Merriam, KS.

Lesson Etiquite

Please arrive at least 5 min early

Parents are always welcome to observe their child’s lessons in order to better help them during their weekly practice time. Parental involvement is encouraged, especially with students age 7 and younger.  If not staying for the lesson, pick your child up within at least 5 minutes of the lessons completion.

Be prepared and ready to learn when you enter the studio.


What to bring:

  • All assigned materials (lesson books/ music)
  • A small note book for lesson assignments
  • Pencils
  • A great attitude and practiced technique

There is no need to knock on the door to catch the instructor’s attention. Students are scheduled, and loud knocking can disturb lessons in progress. Students should enter the student and wait quietly in the sitting room for their lesson to start.

This waiting time is an excellent opportunity for the student to prepare books/papers and mentally enter “lesson mode”.

The only path to success is through consistent practice.

Lesson Swaps

We do not encourage Lesson Swaps, though swaps between Students of the same Instructor are possible. Please contact FMH with requests.

Missed/Make-up Lessons

FMH wants all students to be the best they can be and get the most from lessons.

Their time with the instructor is very important. Missed lessons devalue prior lessons and make subsequent lessons less effective.

We cannot credit lessons due to scheduling conflicts, vacations, or any other non-weather related reason not caused by the instructor. We do not reschedule lessons for other times during the week for any reason other than dangerous weather or if an instructor is unavailable and we cannot substitute.

Music and language lessons missed in this scenario will be paid for as though they were attended.

  • Students can make up 1 missed lesson per semester. It is meant to make up a lesson missed for any reason other than that caused by weather or instructor absence (Group Lessons may not be eligible)
  • If the necessary other lesson/theory books are not brought to lesson by student, the lesson will be cancelled and is not eligible for reschedule or credit to other time

Group Lessons may not be eligible for make-up, please inquire with FMH.

New Students

New students for most lessons (excluding some Group Lessons; inquire with FMH) can sign up anytime during the year (applies only to New Students, not previously enrolled).  FMH will do our best to accommodate days/time slots but there are restrictions based on instructor and practice space availability.

All new students are required to complete an Enrollment Form at  This will enter the student/family into our system and make the student eligible for lessons.

FMH requires new students remit, in addition to Registration Fee, possible printing fees, and lesson books the first two (2) 4-week period payments (non-refundable) before lessons commence.

All New Students agree to purchase the necessary learning material as requested by the instructor

Obligations of the Instructor(s)/Students

The Instructor at FMH undertakes to do all preparation prior to lesson and structure lesson in such a way as to optimize time to the benefit of the student. The instructor shall at no time be required to execute homework or assignments on behalf of the student.

The instructor makes no promises or warranties with regards to student’s performance as a result of any instruction provided.

The student undertakes to assist the instructor in identifying problem areas in the student needs specific instruction. The student also agrees that assignments, exercises or homework form an integral part of instruction and undertakes to complete such work in a timely manner based on the requirements for the course.

Payments/Late Payments

Payments shall be made to “French & Music House, LLC”. All payments will be expressed through an invoice, which includes payment due date. Payments may be in the form of cash, check or credit card/debit card payment (convenience fee applies to credit/debit card payments).

Late Payments:

  • We will charge a $7.00 late fee per week (one week is 7 consecutive days), for three (3) weeks for a maximum of $21.00. The charge will accrue per day, but only applied after each 7-day period.
  • After four (4) weeks from the due date, the student will not be allowed to attend lessons until the tuition and late fee are paid in full.
  • If, after 2 additional weeks (6 weeks total) the amount is not paid in full, the time slot for the student’s lesson will be opened to other students.
  • Students with outstanding charges cannot return before paying the full balance.
  • After the 6-week cut off for unpaid lessons, back tuition and late fees paid in full will not necessarily earn back the previous time slot if another students has claimed the time slot.

Permanently Rescheduling Lessons

Students may permanently change lesson times one (1) time per semester, upon approval by instructor and French & Music House. After one permanent change, students must wait until the next semester to change again.

(Note: This may not apply to defined duration courses.)

Practice Time

Practicing daily is essential to successful music lessons. We are privileged to spend a small fraction of time during the week with your child.

There is a much larger amount of time in which they are alone at the piano. Each week the students and their teacher will decide how they should practice their pieces. It is our hope that practice does not become one of those things that must be done but one that the student is allowed to do.

Let the teacher know how practice is going at home. This helps determine the progress and growth of your child’s abilities.

The length of practice time directly reflects a student’s playing level and ability. Here are a few suggestions and guidelines for practice at home.

  • Students should practice at least the equivalent of their lesson time.
  • Younger Students’ in primer- level 1 may practice with parental guidance about 30 min. each day broken into 10- 15 minute sessions
  • Students’ in levels 2-4 should practice 30-45 min each day
  • Students’ in levels 5 and up should practice 1+ hours each day

Practice time for all levels can be broken into smaller time segments. It is more beneficial to practice in smaller segments so that the mind and body do not become tired.


FMH holds multiple recitals per year for students to show Student progress. Recitals are a time for fun, family and friends, and a chance for students to show their well-honed skills.

We request that all students and parents wear appropriate attire. We consider this a semi-formal event, so please no t-shirts, shorts, jeans or tennis shoes.

We ask that everyone stay for the entire recital and be attentive to all students. Talking and moving make an already nervous student more so. We have plenty of space and encourage grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, etc. The more the merrier!

Other performance opportunities may include performance festivals and competitions for students.

Referral Bonus

Any FMH student that refers another person, and that person joins FMH (defined as paying for at least one 4-week period of lessons), the referring student will receive a credit for a free lesson.

The Referral Bonus credit will be applied in the following full (4-week) pay period unless the credit is earned in the Summer.

Referral Bonus cannot be converted to a cash refund nor be converted to an additional “Make-up Lesson” (as defined in Student Policies).  All Referral Bonus credits will be applied to an invoice for current students.  If referring student stops lessons before the Referral Bonus credit is applied to the following invoice, the credit is forfeited.

Referral Bonus credits are never transferrable.

No limit on referrals and family members qualify.

(Note: This may not apply to defined duration courses.)

Registration Fee

French & Music House may apply a registration fee to new students for initial administrative tasks. The registration fee will be clearly marked on the first invoice.

Returning Students (fees)

Returning students to FMH in the Fall Semester of any Lesson Year have no additional fees if they start on the first day of the Semester as stated on the website and communication directly to enrolled students.

However, if a student enrolled at latest the previous Summer Session and start lessons after the official start date of the Fall Semester, they will be charged 1/2 price price their normal lesson charges commencing the start of Fall Semester until they start lessons in earnest.  At the recommencement of lessons in Fall Semester, lessons price will revert to normal price.

Scheduling Time Slots

Time slots for lessons are on a “first-come, first-serve” basis after present Semester/Session start. If a time slot is available, the first to claim and pay the fee secures the time slot.

Before every Fall Semester we create a fresh schedule for returning and new students.

To do this, we allow students to choose their time slots in order of response to an email sent by French & Music House at the end of the Summer session.

Those students involved in other French & Music House activities may receive Priority Selection for the new school year.

Earning Priority Selection:

  • Must take at least 4 private lessons during summer to be eligible for priority pick (see “Summer Session Lessons/Payments more information on summer lessons)
  • At least one session per day camp attendance for one week (or 5 sessions in one week) at either Summer or Winter camps before start of Fall semester
  • Note: A student can only be considered for priority selection if they attended lessons with French & Music House the Spring Semester previous to the Summer Session in question

Selection will take place at end of Summer session, prior to the Fall Semester by at least 2 weeks:

  • An email will be sent to all priority selection students with the available times, based on instructor
  • Priority selection students have 2 full days to choose.
  • Time slots will be assigned in order of response, and requests must be in form of an email or other time-stamped communication

After the 2 days for Priority Selection:

  • The remaining students will receive an email with available time slots.
  • These time slots will be assigned in order of response, and requests must be by email or other time-stamped communication

Email will be sent at 7:00 a.m. on the first day for each group

FMH will keep real time calendar with open spots at your Student Account (accessible through  The calendar will be updated at 5:00 pm every day selections occur

One week after total selection period ends, everyone will have access to open spots if they want to change, until the official start of the Fall Semester.  After the start of the Fall Semester, open spots may still be available but scheduled lessons will be dictated by the “Cancelling Lessons/Restarting Lessons (Student or Instructor)” section on this page.

(Note: This may not apply to defined duration courses.)

Student Account/Scheduling Software

FMH uses a software program to manage student activity. An invitation to create log-in information (French & Music House will create the initial account during Enrollment). All non-lesson functions will run through the student account and all students must have an account.

The log-in page is here: (student must be enrolled to gain access.)

If Adult Student/Parent have questions about accessing the account or have questions about how to operate the software, please contact This account is crucial to maintaining the best lessons possible.

Summer Session/Lesson Payments

We hold all lesson types during the summer months.

However, we know that the summer season makes consistent weekly attendance difficult. For those who wish to attend Summer Session, we must know before end of Spring semester.

For Summer Session Lessons:

  • We require that Students set their lesson schedule for the Summer Session by the end of the final week of Spring Semester (dates for semesters/summer session are at )
  • Confirmation for Student lessons will be requested by French & Music House prior to the start of Summer Session. All lessons will be visible at the Student Account/Scheduling Software
  • For any student not confirmed for Summer Session by end of last week of Spring Semester, they may still have lessons during Summer Session, however:
    • French & Music House will charge present rate for 30-minute private lessons for each week after the commencement of Summer Session that pass in which lessons are not scheduled and confirmed
    • Example: Summer Session commences on June 1st, but student is not scheduled/confirmed until June 15th, French & Music House will charge for 2 weeks of lessons through June 15th though no lessons took place
    • Weeks charged due to late scheduling/confirmation above will not be eligible as lessons for Priority Selection in choosing lesson times in the next year

FMH bills in 4 weeks periods (as other semesters) based on the lessons confirmed for Summer Session. For the final two (2) weeks of ten (10) week Summer Sessions, FMH will bill for only those two weeks before Fall Semester commences

No make-up lessons/refunds/reschedules for Summer Session lessons. All missed/cancelled lessons, not due to instructor absence, will be charged as a normal lesson

If instructors must miss scheduled lessons, the same procedures apply as those for regular semesters (See “Cancelling Lessons/Restarting Lessons (Student or Instructor)” section). Instructor availability will be posted prior to the final week of Spring Semester

(Note: This may not apply to defined duration courses.)

Trial Lessons

We allow Trial Lessons for our group classes/lessons.

Trial Lessons are charged at higher rate than normal lessons (1.5x) per lesson.  Trial Lessons are not to exceed 4 total lessons, and all Trial Lessons must be consecutive weeks.

Any student taking Trial Lessons has first choice for the time slot they occupy at the end of the Trial Lessons.  Trial Lessons are not subject to Registration Fees and French & Music House will supply the book during the Trial Lessons; registration fees and book reimbursements will be applied if the student converts to permanent status.

Students who take Trial Lessons will not be subject to, in perpetuity, the first 8-week non-refundable payment for regular lessons.

FMH allows interested Students the chance to survey a private lesson performed by a present student upon permission of Instructor and Student.

(Note: This may not apply to defined duration courses.)