“Why should I choose a studio (and possibly pay a little more for it)?”

A great advantage of using a studio, as opposed to independent instructors (usually out of their home), is that we have greater flexibility of lesson times (multiple pianos, and multiple instructors), we are ready in case your instructor is indisposed or has to move on from giving lessons for any reason, and French & Music House are here to stay in Kansas City for as long as any student wants to take lessons. Our studio, in turn, is smaller than many others, which offers an intimacy and comfort not found in larger studios.

“Is French & Music House a school?”

Not in the traditional sense, but there is plenty of learning go on! We are a lesson-based studio. We are committed to teaching students of all ages and skill levels language and music in a fun and enlightening environment.

“Do you only teach French language courses?”

French & Music House seeks to offer as many different language lessons as students wish to enjoy. We know or will find a teacher to fit your needs. Madame Zoé is a native French speaker and the first instructor for French & Music House.

“What type of music do you teach?”

Like our language lessons, we want to find music lessons that fit the needs of all students. Just ask and we will do our best to make it happen. Madame Zoé teaches piano at the actual French & Music House.

“I don’t see the language or musical instrument that truly strikes me. Am I out of luck?”

No, if a language or musical instrument interests you, we will do our best to find a great instructor for you. Just let us know what interests you and we will get to work right away!

“Are lessons expensive?”

Language and music lessons are very affordable and a great value. Most lessons are priced from $15 – $25 for a 30-minute, weekly session. Prices may vary based on lesson-type, teacher credentials, skill-level, difficulty of lessons, etc. Please inquire for specific details on lessons.

“Do I have time for lessons?”

Language and music lessons usually take 30 minutes per week, though this varies by lesson-type and location. To truly reap the benefits of your lessons, independent practice is essential. Lessons are a chance for students to receive critique, hone practiced skills and receive new directives. The student must be dedicated and willing to put multiple hours per week to stay current and fresh. But fear not, done well, lessons are a fun and rewarding experience, we promise!!

“Where do I attend lessons?”

We give piano and French lessons at French & Music House at 4118 Baltimore Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64111. We can also teach lessons at the student’s home and in groups, whatever best fits your needs.

“Will there be recitals?”

Most definately yes. We at French & Music House look forward to our twice yearly recitals. They are a great chance for students to display their newly learned or polished skills to their friends and families We consider the recital the highlight of our year and we work hard to make sure they are a success. Also, we will schedule other events to show our appreciation for our students, keep your eye on the calendar and updates.

“I teach language and music lessons, can I be a part of the French & Music House?”

We are always on the lookout for talented instructors in the Kansas City area to share their skills and talents with those eager to learn. We appreciate the hard work and dedication you commit to your craft. Contact us here.

“How do I get started?”

Congratulations! You’ve made it most of the way by visiting our site. Just contact us by phone at 785.979.7315 or click here, we will get you started in no time.